Bohemiachlad Praha

Renowned supplier of industrial cooling and air conditioning systems
- we are part of the STROJOBAL, a.s. company  STROJOBAL 

About the Company

Bohemiachlad  Praha,  s.r.o. company is a successful supplier of industrial ammonia cooling system – NH3, industrial air conditioning systems and heat pumps, including the control systems and automation. Our main activity is a comprehensive solution of deliveries of the cooling machine rooms for the food, chemical and other projects. We offer the comprehensive solution of deliveries of the cooling machine rooms, design, delivery and assembly of the new equipment and reconstruction of the existing mechanical parts, delivery of spare parts including comprehensive servicing activities.

Our effort is maximum considerateness of environment. We observe provisions of the Eurammon company, which is a joint initiative of the companies, institutions and individuals, who have undertaken to increase application of natural coolants. Our focus are firstly the deliveries of systems working based on ammonia – NH3, which corresponds fully with the contemporary trend with respect to global warming fight and which leads also to reduction of safety risks in operation. We further promote application of the non-freezing anticorrosion liquid based on glycerine – BOHEMIACOOL G – 12°C, which is intended for transfer of heat (cold) in the field of industrial cooling and cooling plant technologies and which is very considerate of environment.

Brief History of the Company

The present owners implement a follow-up to activities of the former STROJOBAL, a.s. Prague production plant company, where they both worked for a long time and which had long year’s tradition among other in the field of cooling and freezing technologies.
Our affiliated company is the Microcomp, s.r.o. company, which deals with deliveries of instrumentation and control equipment, electric assembly and installing work and industrial automation for all food industry.
The Bohemiachlad Praha, s.r.o. company is the implementation company, with the activity field mostly in the Czech and Slovak markets.

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